Beth Holden, Founder // Lead Designer

Beth Holden is largely influenced by a continuation of modernist ideals and practices in her work. Holding a Bachelors of Architecture from SCI-Arc and a Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from UCLA, one of her first tasks as a young designer was to assist with the design of the Rive Gauche development for the French public housing authorities. Upon her return to the United States, she worked as an associate with Barton Myers where she oversaw and completed a number of commercial projects before she launched her own architectural firm, NEW THEME Inc. As a certified green builder as well as a licensed California State Contractor, she is uniquely able to apply a design-build approach to each of her projects that integrates all work stages from conception to completion. Her fluency in both architectural forms and construction techniques gives her the ability to tailor her work for a wide variety of clients, and allows her to express space both within its habitable dimensions as well as its tactile forms.

Wolfgang Melián, Founder

Professionally trained as a production designer with a background in dramatic design, Wolfgang Melián has applied his hand to numerous custom carpentry projects in both Europe and the United States for over 20 years. His work extends from set and theater design for German production companies, to his more recent work as furniture and production designer for NEW THEME. Working in conjunction with Ms. Holden, he emphasizes his craft in terms of the quality of materials used as well as his ability to deliver highly personalized results for projects ranging from private residences to commercial offices, restaurants and even television and film sets. Whether building individual pieces, installations or entire interiors, his deep well of knowledge allows for sleek, elegant results that emphasize the quality of his artisan approach.