"Made in Germany"

Wolfgang Melián has accrued years of experience as a set designer for a variety of productions and events in the United States and abroad. Educated in dramatic production design in Germany, Melián has applied his talents to a wide variety of German and American television productions, advertising shoots and industry events. As partner of NEW THEME Architecture, he is able to apply architectural practices to set design that allows for a highly flexible, competent approach that can be tailored to any budget, space or medium.

New Theme Furniture

With over 20 years of experience in construction, fabrication and installation, NEW THEME Furniture is the result of the marriage of architectural precision with fine craftsmanship. Each piece built in our North Hollywood shop incorporates an essential philosophy of sustainability, achieved through use of reclaimed materials whenever possible, and by treating all surfaces in low-VOC paint and finish. We understand sustainability beyond its ecological implications, and seek to create durable, inspiring pieces based on contemporary renditions of modernist forms..