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The Federal Bar – Long Beach

The 1920’s Security Pacific National Bank Building in Downtown Long Beach, an example of commercial Renaissance Revival architecture, was chosen as the site to develop Knitting Factory Entertainment’s second Federal Bar. The bank’s former lobby and vault, once a steakhouse, provided a suitable location to situate a venue focusing on an equal share of nightlife, cuisine and fine drinks. Balancing between the historical nature of the space and the need to create a multi-disciplinary venue, NEW THEME designed a layout that maximized occupancy while accentuating intimacy in the moments the former bank lobby provided. The interior was remodeled with custom furniture pieces as well as bar countertops and seating installations, designed and built by NEW THEME. Allowing these custom pieces to interact with the historic bank lobby allowed for the balance between formality and leisure that the restaurant seeks to promote.

Site102 Pine Ave, Long Beach CAClientKnitting Factory EntertainmentYearCompleted in 2013