Graphic House

Designed by Beth Holden while she was an associate at Barton Myers Assoc., Inc., and completed by Beth when she began construction under a NEW THEME Inc. The program called for an addition of a master bedroom, master bath and carport for a graphic designer. The existing Venice bungalow was left as is, with the strategy to create a low-cost, flexible loft addition. The addition is connected by a sky-lit breezeway that leads to the master suite, which combines programmatic functions of bedroom, bathroom and living room to create a flexible space exploring the boundaries between inside and outside. The interior and exterior of the house are plywood, with stained marine grade plywood on the exterior and smooth sealed natural plywood on the interior. The plywood surface articulates between inside and out side, while the sliding glass doors are playful in negotiating between traditional notions of rooms. The carport has multiple functions as a traditional carport or as an outdoor dining, entertaining or ping-pong room.

Site1125 Palms Blvd, Venice CAClientNoreen MoriokaYearCompleted in 2004