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Hall of Justice

As part of Beth Holden’s work as an associate at Barton Myers, she fulfilled the role of project manager in the historical preservation and adaptive reuse of the Sacramento Hall of Justice. The interior, with a 42,000 square foot space, was augmented with a 15,100 square foot addition featuring an elegant, exposed steel frame and glass structure to compliment the original massive brick and terra-cotta building. The contrast of glass expanses and steel against the older masonry clearly expresses the individuality of each structure, while the new steel beams that support the glass curtain wall continue the lines of adjacent terra-cotta moldings, in an appropriate reference to the historic building. The exposed steel sections, stainless steel drip and smooth steel-troweled cement plaster characterizes the composition of the new eastern facade. As new and old elements confront each other, a deep recess articulates the new structure and accommodates a required seismic joint.

Site813 6th St., Sacramento CAClientCA Department of JusticeYear Completed in 2004 by BMA Inc.