Hayvenhurst Folie

Originally contracted to restore a family’s mid-century home in Encino, California, NEW THEME was brought on to develop an inspirational and unique structure for the children’s playhouse. The house was inspired by the concept of a folie, which, amongst its many meanings, also refers to a small structure popular in France for recreational purposes. By naming it the “Hayvenhurst Folie”, it signifies an escape from both the main house and the street on which it is located. In order to create a dialogue with the existing house, elements were extracted and reinvented to pursue a strong relationship between both structures. The folie is positioned in a way to allow softened light enter from the canopy of trees, creating a magical or dream-like effect. Materials utilized include Douglas fir for framing, which is coated with wood oil for the crisp walnut stain.

SiteHayvenhurst Ave, Encino CAClientNot disclosedYearCompleted in 2011