The Regent Theatre

Upon viewing the site in early 2013, the Regent Theater was characterized by decades of underutilization where broken plaster hung from the ceiling and unadorned walls crumbled under years of disuse. NEW THEME was brought onto the project not only to bring the site up to code, but also rejuvenate its function as a live music space with accompanying bar and pizza restaurant. Through a considered process, NEW THEME resolved a solution where the new structure would become self-supporting, essentially a structure within a structure. This new Regent structure houses both the Lovesong bar, built of repurposed wood from the original structure, and the Prufrock Pizzeria, featuring exposed brick exterior wall elements from the original structure. Together, the bar and the restaurant hint at the past and future of the Regent Theater, which has become a primary example for how historical Downtown Los Angeles has been repurposed for young, emerging culture and audiences.

Site446 S Main St, Los Angeles CAClientThe Regent DTLAYearCompleted in 2014